Evolution of time

If time is an illusion and it never moves nor stays still how can we measure the time spent asleep to the fact that we’ve been alive since forever? As eternal beings how can we find the beginning if we haven’t realized that time hasn’t moved only evolved.


“To know everything is to know nothing. Understand that possessing knowledge does not mean you obtained wisdom. To know something is to know nothing because to know nothing leaves room to gain wisdom. “

-Cee The Poet

For My Future Husband

When I first saw you I fell in love with your eyes

You wore your ripped jeans low tops and I loved your Vibe.

You met my mother and held the doors open

I was just grateful that I was chosen

To be your friend first and learn who you are

Like how when you look up your eyes twinkle like the stars

Or how your nose twitches when it itches

I love how you gaze at me like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world

And how you tell me that you love me just because

You believe in me no matter what

And because of you I never gave up

these are the highlights of you


You told me that you wanted me in your life

I didn’t believe you until you told your parents you wanted me to be your wife.

Nothing ever changed, between us we will always be the same

I respected you because you never tried to run game

Your sweet talk was genuine

Telling me you loved that I carry myself like a lady

I wasn’t being childish blowing up and acting crazy

But you understood me and admitted when you were wrong

Because you know when I’m angry it’s only because I need love

you’ve helped me grow strong in more than one way

Spiritually you’ve taught me so much about faith

How God will remove people & things out of your life to put a blessing in place

The bible says when a man finds a wife he’s found a great thing

So the day you ask me to marry you I’ll be proud to wear that ring

You are a my lifetime partner and best friend

And I promise that I will be here until the end


I blame for all of my failures

Because of you I had such bad behavior

I blame you because I never listened

I never respected you or your position

To feel less pain was my mission

You were never clever and I stayed two steps ahead

Following my own mind no matter where it lead

I started telling myself you are as good as dead

I blame you

Because I couldn’t get ahead

And whenever I needed you, you fled

I blame you because I didn’t know love

But all along all I need was guidance from above

I blamed you for letting these words torture me

All I ever wanted was just a simple apology

But I had to blame you because the issue wasn’t me

I didn’t want to talk or seek clarity

Instead I’d rather feel the temporary high of insanity.

Because when I ask myself if I’m crazy ,

I still find myself perpetrating a picture perfect beauty queen.

Because of you I deemed myself unloveable

I painted my face until I thought I was pretty

All because you I found myself with self pity

I told myself can’t blame you for falling short

I blame me for expecting more

You showed me who you are

Wasting my time wishing on shooting stars

Praying for a change in my baggage cart

Because of you I’m shop for the wrong reasons

My relationships change like the seasons

I lost touch with reality and found myself going with the motions

My emotions started feeling like “The Ocean”

But I thank you because you taught me to seek life

And to never drown in my misery and reach for the light.

And just when I was about to give up I saw the promising in sight.


White rose you’ve blossomed so beautiful

Your pure and graceful

I Watered you until you became new

From a bud underneath the soil you grew

I touched your soft peddles as you bloomed

Nurturing you as though you came from my womb.

As the sun shone you stood tall

But when the storms came I built a fence so you would not fall.

White rose, you are delicate and precious to me

I’ve waited for you to flourish for the world to see.

You are so radiant that others are green with envy.

Although Winter is here do not fear

Spring is near

For my beautiful White rose again you will appear