I blame for all of my failures

Because of you I had such bad behavior

I blame you because I never listened

I never respected you or your position

To feel less pain was my mission

You were never clever and I stayed two steps ahead

Following my own mind no matter where it lead

I started telling myself you are as good as dead

I blame you

Because I couldn’t get ahead

And whenever I needed you, you fled

I blame you because I didn’t know love

But all along all I need was guidance from above

I blamed you for letting these words torture me

All I ever wanted was just a simple apology

But I had to blame you because the issue wasn’t me

I didn’t want to talk or seek clarity

Instead I’d rather feel the temporary high of insanity.

Because when I ask myself if I’m crazy ,

I still find myself perpetrating a picture perfect beauty queen.

Because of you I deemed myself unloveable

I painted my face until I thought I was pretty

All because you I found myself with self pity

I told myself can’t blame you for falling short

I blame me for expecting more

You showed me who you are

Wasting my time wishing on shooting stars

Praying for a change in my baggage cart

Because of you I’m shop for the wrong reasons

My relationships change like the seasons

I lost touch with reality and found myself going with the motions

My emotions started feeling like “The Ocean”

But I thank you because you taught me to seek life

And to never drown in my misery and reach for the light.

And just when I was about to give up I saw the promising in sight.

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