Step Parent

I never understood why you disliked me

Why you yelled and screamed until you left me crying

In your house, I fought to not die

A child should never experience depression

When I spoke up you lied and said I just wanted attention

You hated me so much you never showed me affection

You were different from a mother, to you I looked for guidance

But as Cinderella, I was never part of your alliance.

Just asking for something to drink felt like a burden

Remember how you make me drink hot water?

So I’d speak when spoken to avoid nasty head turning

I was a child alone in your house,

But fought not to die

Your harsh words would cut through my skin like razor blades

In my heart, I held so much hate

On my hands and knees, I would pick glitter out of the carpet

Just because nothing in my life was worth becoming your target

I was scared

And any moment I spoke to my mother I shared

Only because I know she cared

My tears on the other end of that line she bared

Just hold on baby you’ll be home soon is what she’d say

I’d mark down on the calendar for this unknown day

The day I’d be free from the physical and mental abuse

No longer would I be for your amuse

You tattooed a statement in my heart to never become someone like you

Sweet like peaches and bitter like dirt

I was just a child in your house who was hurt

No one listened but I was not unheard

The master of it all had conferred

Little did you know this child knew how to pray

Father, please hear me here I don’t want to stay

In your house, I fought to not die

All it took was for his private eye

He gave me an escape and I ran as fast as I could

Straight to my mothers’ arms, at that moment I knew I was gone for good.












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