Where’s the light?
I found myself systematically suppressed
Under the vision of our kind.
Kissing our dreams goodnight,
Working endless hours just because they say it’s right.
Where’s the light?
I look greatness straight in the face.
The thoughts that fly the heart that raced
Under the system I feel no place.
Looking at me, I’m just another court case.
Another one of us with a talent gone to waste.
Where’s the light?
Behind these prison walls lives a woman who’s strong.
But not strong enough to put up a fight.
Her journey is relentless, she grasped void, loneliness & solitude.
Where’s the light?
When all of her friends reprehended?
Dreams don’t pay bills they recommended
Her clothing was torn from all the falls she shared.
Her knees were bloody from the crawl she bared
Her face was bruised from all the odds that stared.
She is the light.
She’s is the mirror of greatness, a reflection of happiness and the star that shown bright.

6 thoughts on “Light

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I greatly appreciate your response! I hope your an active follower there’s going to be a late night special on Thursdays 18+ hope you’ll be one of my readers!


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