Just Leave

Just leave

Believe me when I say I’m through with you

You were just a bill

no good to me like a broken pair of heels.

I left you in the footsteps that lead straight to hell.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a story to tell

Like a bird you flew

Like a con you stole

Ripped my heart from my chest now theres this blacken hole.

Where no love lives just a bunch of memories I hold.

How you called me out my name

You hit me and say I’m the blame

You gave me the notions

put my heart in over drive started loosing time confused by all the motions

I made up my mind freed from my emotions so

Believe me when I say Just leave

You broke me down for the last time

I don’t have time for the same old line

You gave me the uncertainty

six years three month of a relationship and you gave no clarity

Six years I cried because I wanted you to marry me.

Foolish ideas for a foolish mind.

I thought that love is when our bodies intertwined.

Soft lips that cut through flesh that brought tears from my eyes.

The man I thought you were is just a disguise.

You flaunted my insecurities

Until you had me crying on my knees

Believe me when I say

Just leave

It took everything in me to realize to truth

Of where you wanted to be.

I was tired of your games and deceit

I don’t question why

I reclaimed my crown as a Queen

And closed this chapter. So Goodbye.

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