I asked myself who am I? A question that may seem so sound and simple; really didn’t scrape the tip of the iceberg of effect it can have on ones conscious. I am no guru or scientific mathmatician with the answers to every aspect of your reality. I just simply woke up to that fact that every thing I know is a lie, and everything I see is an illusion. Time is a man made illusion used to seperate polars.

   On my spiritual quest I’ve learned to stop trusting in what I was told and believe in the facts that are at large. Knowing who you are determines who you become. I found that the questions I had were superior to mans answers. I asked that high being that we named “God” to help me find the truth in humanity. What is my purpose and how does it magnify the glory of our creator.

Through prayer & meditation I found that one thing is true about life “You only see what you are told to see, hear what you are programmed to believe. If you close your eyes you can’t see anything, and if you believe nothing you’ll learn be granted the wisdom from everything”. 

On the grounds of metaphysics I need to uncover who I really am. This blog is dedicated to unfolding the truth of ones self. Asking ground breaking questions that answers can only be revealed to those who search.